Prayer and the Cell Phone Charger

The cell phone cord charger has become pretty much ubiquitous. Everywhere you go - airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, offices - there are outlets filled with phone chargers. Our cars have become mobile power stations. All this so that we won’t be caught with 0% charge left on our phone, our lifeline to the world we live in.

The lifeline to the world we want to live in for all eternity is just as vital, just as simple and even more powerful. What is this eternal lifeline? It is prayer. Prayer is our lifeline to God and Heaven. Sadly, it is not as frequently present in our daily lives as it should be. It does not possess the “don’t leave home without out it” urgency of our phone chargers.

Prayer is intimacy with God. Through it good prospers, evil is destroyed and sinners will be converted

St Gregory of Nyssa

The consequences of not recharging frequently enough in our spiritual life are severe. Take a look around at the world we live in; it is a mess. Forget the world, look at our own lives. Look how messy they are, especially when we don’t pray. Could you imagine what it would be like to charge your phone for only an hour each Sunday? How long would that charge last? A day, maybe two? If so for your phone, how much more so for you?

Prayer extinguishes the violence of fire. Closes the mouth of lions, ends wars, drives away demons, illnesses, and storms, breaks the bonds of death, averts from us the wrath of God, and all evils.

Saint Armentarius

Prayer is a grace (think free app) that allows us to “wirelessly” charge and recharge anytime. It charges our mind, body and soul. It brings us deeper into relationship with our Creator; it refocuses us from the finite to the infinite. It connects us to truth and love. It forges a bond between who we are and who God is calling us to be.

The lack of prayer can never be taken to mean that you do not need prayer. Indeed, the longer we do not pray, the greater the need grows, so that at a certain moment it explodes in the search for some outlet.

Prayer gives us light by which to see and to judge from God’s perspective and from eternity. That is why you must not give up on praying!

Pope Saint John Paul II

Let us not think of prayer as a plug in type of situation, to do so only when the battery is draining. We should think of prayer as this ongoing, ever active movement of the heart toward God. Much as we breathe every moment to fill our lungs, we should pray very moment to fill our souls. In the words of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton:

We must pray literally without ceasing – prayer constant without ceasing; in every occurrence and employment of our lives. You know I mean that prayer of the heart which is independent of place or situation, or which is, rather, a habit of lifting up the heart to God, as in a constant communication with Him.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

So plug in early and often. Plug in all day and all night. Plug in at work, play and everywhere in between. Plug in at while at home and while away. Plug in alone and with community. Pray, pray, pray. It is the best way to ensure a fully charged soul!