Go Away With Him

Jesus knew the demands of the people on His disciples and even on Himself, and He knew just the right answer. It was time to go away for a short while to rest. Lent is that season of every year for the whole Church to do the same thing, to pause, change our schedule, read scriptures, pray and meditate on the Passion of Our Lord, and especially take time to reflect on the journey we are on. That quiet out of the way time ensures we can recover our strength, renew our ministry, and even more importantly, be quiet enough to hear the very personal Word of God for us. We want His will to speak through us to our people in this important season. This recreational time reflects the profound meaning of that word, to re-create ourselves anew, and in the way God calls us to be. Since we are calling our people to renew themselves, let us do the same for us as well. Let us heed the call that Jesus gave His own disciples in the Gospel, change our schedule …and go away with Him to a quiet place to rest.

Fr. Dave Heney is a parish priest in Los Angeles. You can hear him on Immaculate Heart Radio Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. He co-hosts "The Joe Sikorra Show with Fr. Dave" where they discuss marriage and family issues.