Rekindle The Fire

June is a wonderful time of year. Crops planted steadily grow, children are freed from school to play at home, and workers take stock of progress made on their annual projects. For many, however, June is a time when the pace and numerous activities of the year start to take their toll. Burn out is real. But, so, too, is the powerful grace to be found in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Whereas many Christians suffer from burnout, the fire in the Heart of Christ never burns out. What is the difference? Jesus lived a life of activity that flowed from His love for the Father and was offered back to the Father. He was constantly living off the Source of Love, His Father, and His love for the Father - His heart - was at the true “center” of everything He did. Because all of His activities flowed from this dynamism of love, His work was not separated from His deepest identity as the Beloved Son of the Father. Work was not something that he “did” apart from his “true self.” His work flowed from His Sacred heart – His “center” – and was integral to his identity. Couldn’t this be the same for us? The more we have to do and to produce, the more we need to situate our activities at the center of our deepest identity, our loving relationship with God, our Father. This June, let us rekindle the fire of love in our hearts! Let us love God from the heart and centered in that love, dare great things for Him!

Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ is the founder of Eagle Eye Ministries, a ministry formed to unite and inspire young Catholics for the new evangelization by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ, through prayer, study, culture, and community. He is also the founder of St. John Institute, which offers an MBA for the New Evanglelization preparing the next generation of leaders to be business savvy and devout in their abilities to “Dare Great Things for Christ.”