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Eligibility and Benefits

See what will be asked of you during your stay and what things you can look forward to enjoying!



Say Daily Mass

Each day of your stay, we ask you say a Mass with the provided intentions. This does not include the day you arrive, but does include the day you leave and any Vigils.


Give Advance Notice

Because we need to contact the hotel to confirm your reservation, we ask you give us a week prior to your arrival to get things ready for you.


Letter of Good Standing

Because you'll be saying Masses for us, we request that you submit a current letter of good standing to the local diocese and to Clergy Hospitality.


Limit on Length of Stay

So that as many priests as possible can take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity, we ask that you limit your stays to no more than twice a year per location.



Complimentary Room

Enjoy a complimentary room for the duration of your stay.


Food Discount

Excluding alcohol, get 20% off all on-property food purchases.


Fully Stocked Chapel

Just bring an alb and we have got the rest at each location's chapel space.


Great Locations

It is hard to decide where to go with resort locations in Napa, Austin, and Kauai.

How to Secure Your Stay

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